About Us

Illusion Diaries is a unit of Illusion Diaries Private Limited which is established in Chhattisgarh since 2016. We have spread across all major cities of the country to take care of the local co-ordination. we have collected a lot of experience and constantly upgraded our strengths in all areas of event management.

Keeping in mind the eternal love and excitement for music in every heart ILLUSION DIARIES here by bring to you unique and wonderful series of live musical concerts. Our team has done research and they know exactly where the pulse of every city goes. In the presence of your very own favorite artists, symphonies and a team of passionate musician. We are ready to bring revolution of music in the cities where we live. The mission is to develop a platform where live music can be reached to all the music lovers with a chance of meeting you star personally. YES, it can be afforded by everyone with any pocket size. With this we launch our illusion card; a privilege card that will be like a boon to music lovers. The card holders will be entitled to experience all the concerts at special price along with VIP access by paying onetime fee.

Illusion Diaries is an illusionary event organising concept, which will bring their mesmerising events chapter wise to make it a complete diary of illusionary events. It’s a far greater concept than any other event organizers. Illusion Diaries will bring the best of celebrities and will organise events like live concert, comedy event show, live dance event show and many more with all-time great and your favorite celebrities of their respective fields. Illusion Diaries will surely bring the Illusion to you in a pocket-sized diary.